Thursday, April 30, 2009

few random thoughts before closure

I was thinking. Tadhg (pronounced Tayg) is what I will call my next car, which hopefully will be an Audi A5 (or Q7?). (Heheh, my wishful petrolhead thinking). It means 'wise' or 'poet' in ancient Irish. I've met few children named Tadhg and I think they all have the look. So Tadhg it is.

Better not say this out loud before Ruairi started making up ey.

Orang lain duk sibuk pikir nama anak aku pikir nama kete la kan..

BTW Aizad you can have the Twillight song for your wedding. Yep you and 2 million other people. Heheh.

Yes I'm off work that's why my thoughts are overflowing.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

then and now

Dear peeps,

Please do help this group of over-zealous medical students in building up their passion and interests in humanitarian medicine by donating to this project in order for it to work. All donations will go for good cause i'Allah.


Full poster here
Blog link here

I remember the good old times in students days when we went to these kinda projects. Those times when we had all the times we wanted, the overflowing ideas injected by example-led passions from the doctors. They all seemed impossible at start; not enough money, not enough medications, last minute backing out, etc etc; but look now it's coming to the third year of the project already.

Us then..

Aha ada nostalgia sikit...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

achievements and fulfillments

I realized I haven't had a good laugh in a while now. I mean, the really really hard laughs till you cry type. I thought I used to be this cool type of person who easily cracks jokes with friends and had same things in return. I guess not anymore.

They say life at this stage is about achieving short and long term goals. I don't know about that. Maybe my life is more about fulfillment rather that achievement. They might be the same when looking at one angle but not at a different angle.

Tomorrow Mak and Abah will get their new car. Alhamdulillah at this rate this would be my best (and Ola's) contribution to them after my medical degree I think. This is nothing when compared to what they have sacrificed for us. I used to think my old men as superhuman, the ones who put themselves second after their loved ones. I think most of us would think the same of their parents as well.

So at my rate, a 25ish years old girl; with few pennies saved in the account, a second hand super-charged Mini, parents new Toyota, a cat and lots of shoes, my life is probably quarterly-fulfilled now. New achievements? Praying hard for few coming ones. Life is monotonous during the weekdays, a bit colorful on the weekends, but hey welcome to adulthood.

I've been thinking about this and I think I'm at the verge of hanging the keyboard and closing the place. I need some good reasons to keep writing here.

I still yearn for a good laugh though.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


1. I have been through some lowest of the lows in Paeds journey in the last month. They said we all have a bad run sometimes (I had 3 already in one month). I tried to make the best of every bad moment, but yeah I'm only human too.

2. You kept to follow. Can't get rid of ye.

3. I realized the power of the old man's prayers. I wouldn't be a quarter of a person I am now if not for Mak's daily prayers for me. For that, I am truly indebted. If only I can pack everything and go home to be with my old men now. Stat!

4. Sometimes the day is not always bad and gloomy. Like the soothy smiles of the children's. And the sun which has been kind these few days.

5. You might know this already. Yep thank to the grace of Allah SWT, I have found my first (and hopefully only) Mini Cooper S. It's an S because it's mine ;p I'm officially turned on by the sound of the sporty turbo-charged engine. I'd like to believe that I'm the non-typical blonde women drivers who drive 100kmph on a fast lane and refused to give way. I am (not) from the blondie point of view anyway. But yeah, mini S = my kind of car.

First wash

Wieza J meeting Rory

6. So his name is Rory. Spelt Ruaidhri in Irish. Or sometimes Ruairi. I like the look of quivered edge of lips when you say Ruairi in Irish. BTW the meaning is Red King. But he comes in Silver this time.

7. Budiman is in safe hands don't worry. I still remember the good old times we had. He will never be forgotten for all of the good reasons.

8. I sometimes run from problems; in forms of sickness, transient amnesia secondary to repressed memory, deep sleep, etc. I'd like to think that I have been saved by the prayers, the sun and Allah SWT's mercy.

9. Life is tough going, but i'Allah I'll survive. Thank you all.